Organ Donors Articles

Hospital boost for organ donation

A LIVER transplant three years ago saved six-year-old Alec Maddocks's life, and for others to have that chance, people need to keep discussing organ and tissue donation, his father, Matthew, said.

Dead Or Alive: Cutting Issue For Organ Donors

THE head of the federal health department is worried a Melbourne doctor's comments that not all organ donors are dead when their organs are removed will undermine efforts to boost Australia's donation rate.

Double Thanks To Organ Donors

JOHN Miller and his stepdaughter Andrea, of Tenambit, know the benefits of organ donation.

Most Donors Not Truly 'dead' When Organs Are Removed

MOST organ donors in Australia are not truly dead when their organs are taken and often transplant procedures do not conform with the law, a leading Melbourne doctor has argued.

'presumed Consent' In Organ Donation Would Save Lives

Aussies are big recyclers, but not organ donors - it makes no sense, writes Mandy Sayer.